The rankings are based on data collected by from more than 1,000 universities and 319 bachelor’s degrees

Choosing a college major can be difficult, and figuring out which are more likely to lead to financial well-being is worth considering. This is becoming more important with the cost of college skyrocketing, leaving graduates saddled with years of debt to pay off. has released its latest list of majors and the salaries graduates can expect as they start out and later in their careers. Science and engineering studies dominate the top of the list.

The degrees at the bottom of the list are heavy on social occupations and thin when it comes to the sciences. It must be tough for anyone who aspires to help families and children to realize they will be hard pressed to earn a decent buck.

Still, finding the right career is about more than financial concerns. Finding the major and then occupation that suits your skills and interests is important. We think it’s better to know what to expect than take blind leap of faith into the future.

The rankings below are based on data collected by PayScale from 1,063 universities and include graduates with bachelor’s degrees in 319 disciplines. The universities surveyed include 89% of U.S. schools with an enrollment of more than 5,000 and 64% of schools with enrollment over 1,000.

Take a look at the 30 Worst Paying College Majors for 2016:

30. Family & Consumer Science
Starting Salary: $35,800
Mid-Career Salary: $54,000 (294th)

29. Graphic Design, Illustration
Starting Salary: $35,700
Mid-Career Salary: $61,800 (231st)

28. Special Education
Starting Salary: $35,500
Mid-Career Salary: $47,800 (309th)

26 (tie). Horticulture
Starting Salary: $35,400
Mid-Career Salary: $49,400 (305th)

26 (tie). Culinary Arts & Food Service Management
Starting Salary: $35,400
Mid-Career Salary: $53,000 (296th)

25. Exercise Science
Starting Salary: $35,200
Mid-Career Salary: $56,000 (286th, tie)

24. Psychology & Sociology
Starting Salary: $35,100
Mid-Career Salary: $54,600 (292nd)

21 (tie). Secondary English Teacher Education
Salary: $35,000
Mid-Career Salary: $63,400 (217th)

21 (tie). Exercise & Sports Science
Salary: $35,000
Mid-Career Salary: $56,400 (279th, tie)

21 (tie). Culinary Arts
Salary: $35,000
Mid-Career Salary: $51,900 (298th)

20. Biblical Studies
Starting Salary: $34,900
Mid-Career Salary: $45,500 (310th)

19. Broadcast Communication
Starting Salary: $34,800
Mid-Career Salary: $66,200 (201st)

17 (tie). Human Development & Family Studies
Starting Salary: $34,700
Mid-Career Salary: $48,500 (306th)

17 (tie). Animal Science
Starting Salary: $34,700
Mid-Career Salary: $57,000 (274th)

16. Health Administration
Starting Salary: $34,600
Mid-Career Salary: $56,100 (284th, tie)

15. Pastoral Ministry
Starting Salary: $34,500
Mid-Career Salary: $49,600 (303rd, tie)

13 (tie). Music Teacher Education
Starting Salary: $34,300
Mid-Career Salary: $53,100 (295th)

13 (tie). Elementary Education
Starting Salary: $34,300
Mid-Career Salary: $45,500 (312th)

12. Human Services
Starting Salary: $34,100
Mid-Career Salary: $43,400 (314th, tie)

10 (tie). Therapeutic Recreation
Starting Salary: $33,800
Mid-Career Salary: $48,000 (308th, tie)

10 (tie). Bible Studies & Theology
Starting Salary: $33,800
Mid-Career Salary: $50,400 (302nd)

9. Art Teacher Education
Starting Salary: $33,800
Mid-Career Salary: $50,600 (300th, tie)

8. Culinary Arts & Culinary Management
Starting Salary: $33,600
Mid-Career Salary: $56,000 (286th, tie)

7. Social Work
Starting Salary: $33,200
Mid-Career Salary: $45,700 (311th)

6. Early Childhood & Elementary Education
Starting Salary: $32,900
Mid-Career Salary: $42,300 (315th)

5. Counseling
Starting Salary: $32,300
Mid-Career Salary: $40,900 (316thth)

4. Youth Ministry
Starting Salary: $32,200
Mid-Career Salary: $45,400 (313h)

3. Child Development
Starting Salary: $31,500
Mid-Career Salary: $39,600 (317th, tie)

2. Child & Family Studies
Starting Salary: $30,900
Mid-Career Salary: $39,600 (317th, tie)

1. Early Childhood Education
Starting Salary: $30,300
Mid-Career Salary: $38,000 (319th)