With the New Year, comes the idea of forming a resolution. It is often a common discussion point for many and you may have already even formed one.  Most New Year’s resolutions are focused on doing something better or improving a bad habit.  For me, I like to focus on reflecting on the past year and make a promise to improve some aspect in life.  Starting with reflection brings about which facet of my life could use a positive change.  College students are on the brink of adulthood and real life comes fast once they get that college diploma.  As parents, we should start showing our college students the importance of reflecting and reviewing how their life is going.

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students:


  1. Get Healthier

It is easy to quickly grab a burger and fries from the cafeteria on a busy study day, but try to change this in the New Year.  Review what you have been eating at the college cafeteria.  Set up a nutrition plan that includes the daily requirements of fruits, vegetables and protein.  If you haven’t visited your college’s fitness facility, make a point of it in 2018.  Set up a definite schedule so that you can measure how this lifestyle change is benefiting you.


  1. Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep goes hand in hand with not procrastinating.  Create a calendar so that you are well prepared for papers and tests.  Getting more sleep will help you stay more alert in class and not as dependent on coffee or energy drinks.  Better planning may also help you get ahead on your studying and help you avoid cramming for a test.  If a monthly calendar seems overwhelming, try focusing on just a weekly calendar.  By setting targets for each day, it can help you sleep more soundly knowing you have accomplished a specific goal.


  1. Get a review of targeted date of graduation

Review your current credit hours and make sure your presumed targeted date for graduation is correct.  Understand the correct number of credit hours for your major and also required electives.  Have you dropped any classes?  The college graduation date can be impacted by dropping classes or by not taking a certain number of credits each semester.  This means if you are only taking 12 credit hours per semester, depending on the college you may not be able to graduate in four years.  If you are unsure of your exact credits go visit your college advisor and make sure you are on the right track.  Visiting with your college advisor should be done every semester so you know where you stand for graduation.


  1. Get More Involved

Your time in college is the best time to explore new activities.  Don’t get in the rut of doing the same thing for 4 years.  Review what your college has to offer in the form of clubs, volunteer opportunities or organizations.  Becoming involved in college not only helps to build your resume but also gives you the opportunity to meet new people.


  1. Get Better Grades

A new semester is beginning.  Review your grades.  Is there room for improvement?  If so, make measureable goals to do better.  This can be accomplished by getting a tutor or just by putting in more time in the library.  Remember, you will all be competing for a job at graduation and your GPA is an important factor.  Again, making a calendar can help you set short-term goals for your grades.

College is a time of growth and change.  Start 2018 out strong by doing a quick review on how college has been for you so far.  It is never too late to make small changes to make your college experience better.  Making a New Year’s resolution is important for everybody.  This year, talk to your college student about making a New Year’s Resolution for 2018.